Frequently asked questions

Will my DP Coronavirus Face Shield fit me?

Our DP Coronavirus Face Shield, has been designed to fit almost any head size, as it utilizes an easy to operate slide in tab system. Please refer to our video for ease of operation.

Can I use the DP Coronavirus Face Shield more than once?

The DP Coronavirus Face Shield, is precision made from a PET thermoplastic polymer, which allows it to be cleaned and disinfected using an alcohol based cleaner. This unique property, allows the DP Coronavirus Face Shield, to be used multiple times.

What about impact, can the DP Coronavirus Face Shield shatter if struck?

No, PET thermoplastic resins are very strong, and are considered to be shatterproof.

What about after use, what happens to my DP Coronavirus Face Shield?

We are aware of the need to play our role in supplying ‘green’ products, and as responsible suppliers to the market, our DP Coronavirus Face Shield is 100% recyclable. Please dispose of your DP Coronavirus Face Shield, by first cleaning, and then allowing your local recycling agent to collect the disposed units.

Once ordered, how long do I have to wait to receive my DP Coronavirus Face Shield?

We have a reliable global distribution network, and once processed, your order will be sent either via air or sea freight. This choice will depend on the urgency of your order, and means that we can get you, your DP Coronavirus Face Shield order in as little as 4/5 working days.

Wholesale orders.

Our DP Coronavirus Face Shield are manufactured in large volumes, and so can be ordered in + 100 000 quantities. For all large quantity or wholesale orders please contact daynes@danpal.com